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My name is Lisa and I adore my Cap!! Thank you for a beautiful gift of love. 


"I loved two Happy Caps and I was struggling to decide which one of them I wanted- I tried them both on right over my wig!  Kathy said take them both and I did! Thank you.  Metra

Thank you so much for my beautiful Happy Cap!   ​Delores

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"Thank you so much for my granny's cap, she was so nervous about her chemo today and this precious gift made her day!"   Kimberly

Thanks to your organization I was able to select two beautiful Happy Caps. I have completed my radiation therapy at Kennestone and after some rest I would like to give back by volunteering and making caps!       Darlene

“Thank you for making these caps, they are a blessing to my head and I love and enjoy them very much. God bless you in your endeavors in making us happy. Again, God bless you"     Paulette 

Today I got a sweet gift from a coworker....Happy Caps!!! This was so on time as I was SUPER Tired and couldn't get my scarf to "act right". It's the little things that literally bring me so much joy. Thank you to Julia Miller for bringing the caps, all of the wonderful Happy Cap makers!       Coco

I LOVE my Happy Cap!! Thank you all for what you do for us!  ​  Sherri

"Thank you!.. it means so much to me and I absolutely love my Happy Cap!"  Ashley