"I love both of my Happy Caps! They are so soft and fit perfectly."

"This is an Amazing program, thank you so much for your time and effort that everyone puts into this program! My Mom loves these hats and the people for their time.."

Happy Caps, YOU ROCK!  My friend was THRILLED with her new cap and she especially LOVED the big red heart on the cap! Thank you SO MUCH for blessing my friend.  She FELT the love!"

from a Facebook Friend 
Meet Nita...​

" I am proud to have the first Happy Cap! I tried on quite a few and this one just made me smile! I call it my "Happy Happy Hat". You need to feel positive when you're going through chemo and radiation and it makes me feel good to wear it. Happy Caps are special because they are made for us to radiate a little sunshine through all this. God only gives us what we can handle. Not one of us wants this but we need to fight for our life and a lot of love, support and a positive attitude HELPS. Don't give up!"

Thank you for my fun polka dot Happy Cap... I love it!

What a great smile!

Stephanie wears her Happy Cap while she volunteers at Hee Haw horse rescue ranch even as she undergoes treatment! 

Tom said to tell you "he loves his hat"! It will keep his ears warm.

I love my Happy Cap...it's different from any I've seen. Thank you, volunteers, for all that you do!"

"Thank you. I appreciate my Happy Caps so much! And we had a great time meeting all of you at your 2nd year kick-off!"

I had a hard time picking..I loved this one!
Sara Ann 


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Thank you for my Happy Cap! It's much appreciated and very cute!


I love my wonderful new Happy Cap! Thank you so much!

Pictured with Luz is a fellow beautiful patient and her wonderful, supportive and fun Oncology Nurse, Natasha.


I really love my Happy Cap...and I picked a second one too! Thank you!