​​Erin Baas, Denise Babin, Debbie Bailey, Janet Bigelow, Carole Fanning***, Deborah Buffington, Joanice Carvalho, Alice Davids, Christiana Ercolino, Carole Fanning***, Martha Faucher, Lorraine Fedorys, Judy Fiscker, Lynn Gill**,  New Georgia Twisted Sisters***, Judy Hart, Alison Hertz, JoAnn's Kennesaw Group**, Jane Luttrell*, Linda Nall, Brittany Oakes, Darlene Payne, N. Ga. Knitters Guild*, Karen Pope, Bob & Pat Preston, North Cobb Chain Gang*, Lea Rose, Fayelynn Sams****, Abbie Sandora*, East Cobb Knit Wits*, Shirley Scaff**, Kathy Sharkey, Joanna Sherrod*, Kelly Sinyard, Teri Snyder, Linda Stott*, Regina Waters*, Benay Whittaker*

Volunteers who have been serving Happy Caps since our beginning in summer 2015 - all 3 seasons

Katja Adams, Carolyn Barlow, Bonnie Clark, Margaret Copeland, Elaine Darr*, Sandy Evans, Martha Frye, Barbara Grimm, Phyllis Leff, Edie Leighton, Therese Roebuck, Dottie Segassie, Pam Teems, Glenda Smith, Dena Thompson*, Shirley Peterson, Pamela Thompson, Joyce Ware, Suzy Tan Lim, Angela Patase, Chris Wilt's Lithia Springs library group*, Claire Lacour, Darlene Pawlicki's Rose Creek library group***, Pat Lavender, Michelle Giesey**, Eileen Zebrowitz, Cora Bass, Betty Holland. 

Volunteers who have been serving Happy Caps since our second season began in summer 2016 - 2 seasons

Pat Anderson*, Connie Bergersen*, Donna Cohen, Kathy DeJoseph***, Carol Dunstan**, Sherry Engelken****, Suzanne Everette**, Peggy Goddard**, Janet Gore*, Roberta Greenfield****, Doris Gropp****, Carol Hura**, Nettie Corley's Pickens Yarners**, Kathi Mansfield, Pat McAlister**, Sandy Mers, Julia Miller***, Marge Pantley****, Runi Perkins, Kiley Potter**, Helen Pumillo**, Paulette Smith, Diane Taylor**, Pat Trice**, Joan Winchester**, Charlotte Woltal****, Cherryl Carlile, Jody Simpson's Woodstock Library Sit 'n Stitch****

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(as of 2/1/18)

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This list below includes all volunteers who have been active in the past 12 months. One star is beside each volunteer who is a Capper and has made 50+ Happy Caps. Two stars 100+ and three stars 300+ Happy Caps, and four stars 500+ Happy Caps.

Happy Caps could not grow to serve so many without the help of volunteers who support overall operations. A special thank you to Sandy Mers, Pat Anderson, Benay Whittaker, Carol Hura, Carol Dunstan, & Karen Pope for helping to deliver Happy Caps. To CarMax employee volunteers  who sort & tag Happy Caps. Thank you to Helen Pumillo, Alice Davids, Paulette Smith & Sandy Mers for weekly sorting and bagging for deliveries. We couldn't do this without you!


Volunteers who began serving Happy Caps this season - since summer 2017

Each Happy Cap includes a gift tag from the volunteer 
who made it  , with a personal handwritten message to the  recipient.  
"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."