This video was made by Wellstar as part of a campaign to build awareness of their unique STAT Cancer Clinic where Kathy was diagnosed and treated.  

Founder's Story

Kathy's Story

Cancer touches the lives of almost everyone. Thousands of patients are diagnosed each year in metro Atlanta...more than 47,000 last year in Georgia. For more information on Cancer facts & Statistics

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Cancer Facts ​and Stats

I started Happy Caps to “pay it forward”… by gifting handmade soft, stylish hats to cancer patients - or anyone suffering hair loss due to a medical condition - each one signed with a personal message from the person who lovingly made that cap.

I started with a simple FaceBook page in hopes I would find a few people who would like to make Happy Caps with me.  At first it was about five of us and I began delivering to 2 locations. The more people who received a hat from us, the more joined us. By the end of the first year we gifted over 2,200 Happy Caps to 5 locations.

We are midway in our fourth with over 200 volunteers we have gifted more than 16,000 Happy Caps since we began in October 2015!

 It is a special blessing in my life to have met so many wonderful, generous people who volunteer to lovingly make Happy Caps, or who support our efforts through donations, or the gift of their time to lend expertise we need,  and who have joined me in making Happy Caps a dream come true.

I live in NW Metro Atlanta with my husband, Fran. I spend as much time as possible with my family...especially my 5 wonderful grandchildren.

Kathy's Story...

I am a very grateful lung cancer survivor. One day when I arrived for chemo I was given a hat by the nurse. It was made by a woman named Margaret; who had written a sweet note to whoever would receive it. It meant a lot to me.

I never forgot that kindness and how it made me feel to receive this gift from a caring stranger on that day. Margaret has no idea that her one act of kindness to me led to Happy Caps!

" I wanted you to have this because having someone like you who is a success story is reassuring and really helps to ease the stress of being frightened. I thank you for easing the pain."

Hugs,  Vinny Sher​field