"Thank you so much for my granny's cap, she was so nervous about her chemo today and this precious gift made her day!"   Kimberly

I love my Happy Cap...it's different from any I've seen. Thank you, volunteers, for all that you do!"


"I loved two Happy Caps and I was struggling to decide which one of them I wanted- I tried them both on right over my wig!  Kathy said take them both and I did! Thank you.  Metra

I love, love, love my Happy Cap! Thank you...Coco

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"This is a picture of my precious Momma, Lynn, today at church. After a 7 year battle, the high powered chemo caused her to lose her hair. Happy Caps helped to keep her little head warm. I am happy to report that after Mom's 100 day bone marrow biopsy results she showed no sign of any cancer! We are blessed!"  

Wereceived this wonderful message from Mr. Chris A. Nanna, Manager/ Radiation Oncology/ Paulding Hospital. 
"I just wanted to thank you all for bringing the beautiful hats to our patients receiving Radiation Therapy. As the manager of this department, I know how much this means to our patients - especially when it is cold outside! God bless all of you (and your talented fingers) for knitting such beautiful and comfortable hats for all of the women that need these. It is greatly appreciated! God bless you all!"

"Thank you. I appreciate my Happy Caps so much! And we had a great time meeting all of you at your 2nd year kick-off!"

" I'm Nereida. I'm 78 and currently undergoing Radiation Therapy. It's such a treat to see all the beautiful caps the volunteers are lovingly making for all of us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful gift." The only thing more beautfiul than your new Happy Cap is your smile, Nereida! 

Happy Caps, YOU ROCK!  My friend was THRILLED with her new cap and she especially LOVED the big red heart on the cap! Thank you SO MUCH for blessing my friend.  She FELT the love!"

from a Facebook Friend 

Tom said to tell you "he loves his hat"! It will keep his ears warm.

Meet Nita...​

" I am proud to have the first Happy Cap! I tried on quite a few and this one just made me smile! I call it my "Happy Happy Hat". 

I LOVE my Happy Cap!! Thank you all for what you do for us!  ​  Sherri