Volunteers who began serving Happy Caps since our fourth season began in April of 2018 


This list below includes volunteers who have been active in the past 12 months. 

Pat Anderson, Connie Bergersen, Donna Cohen, Kathy DeJoseph, Carol Dunstan, Sherry Engelken, Suzanne Everette, Peggy Goddard, Roberta Greenfield, Doris Gropp, Carol Hura, Kathi Mansfield, Pat McAlister, Sandy Mers, Julia Miller, Marge Pantley, Runi Perkins, Helen Pumillo, Paulette Smith, Diane Taylor, Pat Trice, Charlotte Woltal, Woodstock Library Sit 'n Stitch Group

Volunteers who have been serving Happy Caps since our beginning in the summer of 2015 -        all 3 seasons

Bonnie Clark, Margaret Copeland, Elaine Darr, Sandy Evans, Barbara Grimm, Edie Leighton, Pam Teems, Glenda Smith, Pamela Thompson, Joyce Ware, Suzy Tan Lim, Angela Patase, Chris Wilt's Lithia Springs library group, Tammy Brubaker, Ruth Milian, Darlene Pawlicki's Rose Creek library group, Pat Lavender, Michelle Giesey, Eileen Zebrowitz, Mileydi Cintrou, Barbara Howard. 


Volunteers who have been serving Happy Caps since our second season began in April of 2016 - past 2 seasons

Each Happy Cap includes a gift tag from the volunteer 
who made it  , with a personal handwritten message to the  recipient.  

​​Denise Babin, Debbie Bailey, Janet Bigelow, Carole Fanning,  Joanice Carvalho, Alice Davids, Christiana Ercolino, Judy Fiscker,  New Georgia Twisted Sisters, Judy Hart, Alison Hertz, JoAnn's Kennesaw Group, Jane Luttrell, Bob Preston, North Cobb Chain Gang, Fayelynn Sams, Abbie Sandora, East Cobb Knit Wits, Shirley Scaff, Kathy Sharkey, Benay Whittaker

Volunteers who began serving Happy Caps since our third season began in April of 2017 - 1 season so far 

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."


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(as of 5/18/18)

Catherine Mallanda, Elaine O'Neill, Shewanna Rhodes, Karen Quintana, Erika Reed, Barbara Wolfe, Joann Guthrie. 

Happy Caps could not grow to serve so many without the help of volunteers who support overall operations. A special thank you to Sandy Mers, Pat Anderson, Benay Whittaker, Diane Taylor, Judy Hart, Pat Trice, & Pat Lanier for helping to deliver Happy Caps. To CarMax employee volunteers  who sort & tag Happy Caps. Thank you to Helen Pumillo, Paulette Smith, Sherry Engelken, Kathi Mansfield & Sandy Mers for weekly sorting, tagging and bagging for deliveries. We couldn't do this without you!

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